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The Tîm Heolddu Charter

A high-quality educational experience at school plays a crucial part in giving our pupils the best possible start in life. Children and young people who have a good start in life are more likely to have good adult lives.

Our aim is to ensure that our pupils are well-equipped to become:

  • Ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives.
  • Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work.
  • Ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world.
  • Healthy, confident individuals who are ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society.

To make this possible we must ensure that effective learning and teaching will take place in calm, caring and evidence-informed classrooms within which teachers, pupils and support staff can work to the best of their ability.

Our Charter lays out our principles of effective learning and teaching:

A list of our principles of effective learning and teaching.