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Statutory policies & documents

Governors' Report to Parents 2021 - 2022

governors report to parents 2021 2022.pdf

Admissions Policy

starting school booklet.pdf

Attendance Policy

attendance policy 2022.pdf


Behaviour & Discipline Policy

behaviour and discipline policy.pdf

CCBC Complaints Policy

ccbc complaints policy.pdf

Charging & Remissions Policy

charging and remissions policy.pdf

Child Protection Policy

child protection policy june 2019.pdf

Complaints Policy & Procedure

complaints policy and procedure.pdf

Curriculum Policy

curriculum policy 2021 22.pdf

Equal Opportunity Policy

equal opportunities policy.pdf

Food & Fitness Policy

food and fitness policy heolddu.pdf

GDPR & Privacy Notice

heolddu comprehensive privacy notice.pdf

Health & Safety Policy

health and safety policy.pdf

Instrument of Governance Policy

instrument of governance.pdf

PDG 2022/23

pdg 2022 23.pdf

 Performance Management Policy

performance management 2021 22 policy agreed by govs.pdf

Safeguarding Children Policy For Schools

ccbc safeguarding children policy.pdf

 School Teachers' Pay & Conditions Policy

school teachers pay and conditions wales 2021.pdf