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Cost-of-Living Support

Within the council, there is a range of services that are providing support to help our communities at this time. You can find a detailed list of these services on the Cost of Living Landing Page on the CCBC website. However, below is a summary of some of the specific cost-of-living support options currently available. 

You or the people you support can contact the team via email, telephone or simply text SUPPORT to 07537 414443 and one of the team will contact you directly.

Telephone Number

01443 811490

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Cost of Living Support | Website

Financial Hardship/Maximising Income

For anyone experiencing financial hardship, the Welfare Benefits and Cost of Living teams within Housing (Rents) can support residents with a wide range of issues relating to maximising their income, including support with accessing any additional benefits and grants that they might be entitled to (including potential direct financial assistance). Advisers can also provide advice on reducing energy costs in the home and providing access to fuel vouchers.

Fuel Vouchers

Residents struggling with the cost of topping up their pre-payment meter could be eligible for a fuel voucher, which can be used to quickly add credit to their energy supply (in partnership with Citizen’s Advice).


The Caerphilly Cares team offers support and funding to local food banks and staff can also make direct referrals for a foodbank voucher. The foodbank network extends across the Caerphilly County Borough and a referral can be made immediately to support someone in urgent need of food and other household essentials.

Mobile Phones

We are aware that some of our most vulnerable residents may struggle with accessing services due to a lack of a working phone. If you support customers/families who require a phone to remain in contact with you and other services, Caerphilly Cares may be able to provide a basic (call-only) phone and phone credit to help them stay in touch.

Data Sim Cards

For residents in need of data to help them engage with key services, CCBC Library Service in partnership with the Good Things Foundation offers pre-loaded data SIM cards to residents who are most in need. CCBC staff may refer customers to any library to receive a SIM card – they will need to attend their local library to request their SIM and will have to advise library staff which member of staff/team has referred them (Sims will only be given to customers who have been referred and who have identified need).

Housing and Homelessness Support

If you are aware of anyone experiencing difficulties with housing, including problems with their tenancy or even risk of homelessness, the Supporting People team are available to provide expert support and advice, including help finding housing, support with form filling, debts, benefits, eviction notices and rent/mortgage arrears.

Employment Support

The Council has a dedicated team to support people to find work. The Employment team can help people gain new skills, access training and improve their chances of getting a job by supporting them with things such as updating their CV, job searching, interview skills etc. We can also complete “better off calculations” if customers have questions or concerns about how working might impact their current benefits.

Community Connectors

The Community Connectors team aim to promote well-being, reduce social isolation, help people feel part of their community and promote independence. The team reconnects residents (18+) with their community by helping them to find suitable groups, linking them to other people who have similar interests and encouraging them to participate within their community. If you are aware of someone who might be isolated and would like to get connected in their community, please get in touch with Caerphilly Cares using the details below.

Welcoming Spaces

A network of Welcoming Spaces (also previously known as Warm Hubs) across the county borough, which are usually totally free to use and provide a warm welcome to all. These spaces were a crucial space for many to stay warm through the winter months, but as we now progress through the summer many continue to provide a valuable resource within local communities.  Some offer activities, advice and support or even hot food and drinks – but all provide a warm welcome and a friendly face.  Welcoming Spaces open so far include libraries, community centres, church halls, sports clubs, and other places.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about Welcoming Spaces within your area.